Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coffee Talk With @DaiAtlus79

Heartbleed steals over 900 Social Insurance Numbers from The Canadian Government, Simon Frasier University uses StarCraft 2 to prove that when you hit 24 you are ‘over the hill’, Russians are gonna move to the moon, and The Ultimate Warrior’s Cause of death has been announced by an Arizona Coroner’s Office!  This is Coffee Talk!

Friday, April 11, 2014

UnRant for April 11th, 2014

My UnRant for Friday, April 11th, 2014, where i discuss:

Some tweaks to the live show, Pax East, Nancy Grace's insanity, The passing of Python Anghelo - The creator of Joust and Flipper Football, Jennifer Lawrence rumored to be playing Mystique in a solo film, Titalfall Xbox One Bundle drop in the UK, Amazon buys Comixology, Sega Layoffs across The Pond, and ET Landfill Excavation.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Should I give up making videos?

So i guess i should start off this late-coming entry by giving some updates:
1.my channel is at around 230 subs. i am getting a few subs a day, which is probably thanks in at least part to my network. i was able to make my sub count grow, but the growth has been showing a steady increase since i joined my network (Fullscreen Inc.) in February.  It is now april (two months) and i have had around 50 more subs.
2. i am producing content almost daily. sadly, it feels, i wont break more than 30 views with most of my videos produced in the last few months unless it was a video that has something to do with the Raspberry Pi, or something viral.
3.some production values haver seen a slight increase.
I have my semi-regulars on my livestream, but besides on person, anyone else i ask is either busy or has had things to do, so it is a real chore and task to get people to join with me in the streams. Sometimes i have to ask myself if i am really that popular, or quite the opposite, which makes me think i just get on others nerves. I have asked some to join the stream as a guest, and many times they are busy, but i get the feeling that, with some at least, i am being avoided, or people just arent fans.
It makes me think of something else - I see many friends out there who are in the same area as i am (Youtube Content Production), but it seems that many get help from their friends, with shares, shoutouts, etc. I find i never get any. Any 'shares' i find my videos have arent true shares, but are simply Google Plus Comments. I do not want to sound like i am bitter, but it seems others who have better personal networking seem to pull ahead a lot more. As well, i am noticing that if you arent 'well-in' with certain crowds, you almost get pushed out to the edge, because you don't get nearly as noticed. i know of many who have gotten a nice boost because they either were shouted out on someone's channel they are friends with (to the point that they talk daily), or did work for, etc. That channel ends up getting its pop and usually sees its numbers run high.
Another thing is when a channel is pretty big, but yet they have people pretty much (officially or unofficially) campaigning on Twitter or the like to get those numbers up even more. Those campaigns are nice and all, but (especially when they flood feeds) they can also push others out that are trying to just get a bit of exposure. Am i mad? no, but it makes a person feel like they are kinda being made to feel that they dont matter nearly as because they get to go to all of the conventions, and have friends that can give them even more exposure. 
Makes you wonder if it is even worth chasing this dream, or just 'waking up' and putting the dreams away for 'reality'.