Friday, January 24, 2014

The first in a list of exclusives for my readers!

    So I am now producing videos on a (hopefully) daily basis on Youtube  (links to some of my videos, on the right, along with my Google+). I am awaiting final approval on signing with a network that works well for me . I am what you would call a 'smaller' channel, but hopefully this will help me reach a wider audience. I will also be continuing and increasing production of this blog, as well as my articles on I will link the videos as they go up, and one is currently uploading as we speak (i have a slow connection right now, FiberOp will be installed within a couple of weeks, and uploads will be faster, but for now, it will be a video a day). The advanced link (for those who read the blog) is:

Here is a clue as to what the video will be about!!

Enjoy!!! And thanks for all of the support!!!

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