Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mooseburgers and Moving.

"So what's with the title, Sean? rather odd for a techie blog..." "Go jump off a pier, I own it, i can do what i want with it, Other Sean!" Whew... where's my meds?? So anyways, it's a saturday night.. i am bored, and out of beer, and a little awake now that i have had to resort to Lambs rum and Pepsi (most here call it Mutton). So what do i want to talk about? i guess about my trip i had to take back to Grand Falls-Windsor, a couple of hours east from me on the TransCanada Highway here in Newfoundland. I needed to make the trip as i had stored much of my belongings there at a friends place in the basement back last May when i moved out of a crap-hole 2 bedroom ground floor apartment with a rotten floor, bursting pipes, and the worst handyman fixes ever. So it's January, and i made the New year's resolution to get in shape and hike more etc like i did in my younger days.. the thing is that i didn't have any of my winter gear with me as it was in storage as well. a LOT of my stuff was in storage to tell the truth. Up until the point that i had gotten to get this stuff in storage, I had moved to Corner Brook in July with my dog and a little over a car trunk's worth of belongings (clothing, my small flatpanel tv, two laptops, my Xbox 360, etc). My room i am living in started out with a table, an entertainment center, a folding chair, and a $30 air mattress from Wal-Mart, with a sleeping bag and a single pillow. In the interim, i had bought a double bed (mattress and boxspring) which i have atop two shipping skids covered with a boxspring sheet thing.. i don't know the name of it, along with an entertainment centre that was meant for square-shaped CRT televisions, but i had altered to have a platform coming out of it to facilitate my 32" Samsung HDTV i had bought from a roommate, and a computer desk i had made from the surface board of a broken piece of crap computer desk and 4 milk crates all screwed together, allowing me to have my Linux computer (laptop) and my smaller Sanyo HDTV (19") in a dual monitor set up, with my IBM Model M keyboard and a mouse, as i wanted a very nice set up for productivity. My Windows 7 Laptop iss hooked up to the Samsung, along with my 360, PSP-2000, and the TV outputs to a vintage Zenith Allegro phono/tape/aux/radio stereo system (the speakers have 10" woofers along with 3.5" horn tweeters; sound sooooo good!!). I had planned the room design and layout ahead of time with rough concessions for the additional gear in storage. And so, last tuesday, i rented a UHaul trailer and contracted someone with a pickup to be my driver and helper, and i proceeded to reclaim my gear, and finally settle in! The trip was quick and uneventful, without a single moose spotted, road conditions were good, considering we were in a cold snap below -20 and snowed every day, was in progress of having a hurricane interrupt it for a few hours, making temperatures climb to above zero, and didn't have rain everywhere, thankfully. I think the biggest event on the trip was stopping in for lunch at a local family restaurant named Gibson's, where their daily special on that day was for 25 cents more, you could upgrade your burger choice to a moose burger. i have to say, a bacon double cheese moose burger is rather good! all being said, i had left my house at 9 am and returned home before 6 pm. after a short rest, i proceeded to unpack, organize, wash a LOT of my clothes (the basement had been a previous site for cats to use as a toilet, so it still had that 'musk' even in small amounts of cat poop and wizz. Thankfully besides a slight fragrance that was on only exposed items and was easily chased away with a wash or Febreeze, depending upon the material. The real work was in organizing things in a efficient manner, as i had packed my stuff in quite a haste. i had about two bags of garbage when all was said and done and 5 boxes in my closet of just cords, cables, adapters, and 'archival' items (old CD-Rs of data, such as family pics, programs, MP3s, etc and paperwork and artwork). I had ran about 5 loads through the washer and dryer, including pillows, jackets, pants, bed clothes, etc, and ran two loads of dishes through the dishwasher, helping to greatly bolster the dishes that we had, which were lacking due to only one roommate really contributing dishes before i had moved in. i had much of my belongings in milk crates as it made them more portable and able to be stored in a more efficient manner (seems that word is my theme). I was able to use the milk crates as both the foundation for converting my large closet into a full wardrobe, storing things like shirts, pants, underwear, etc in the crates, arranged in a 2X5 fashion on the floor, with a single screw joining each crate from top to bottom, and other items hung above them, along with my hanging hamper, an old 5 basketball carry bag. The Entertainment unit underwent a slight modification, having a 2X5 (vertical) shelf of milk crates tied into it, as well as more items reoriented inside of it, and a second Xbox 360 added to it, allowing me to have separate 360s for video capture and day to day use. i also put up posters, as my walls were virtually bare, and also hung some small wall boxes that allowed me to have some personally meaningful items on display in the room. when all was said and done, i had spent 18 hours straight unpacking and cleaning/reorganizing/reorienting my room, which was around Noon the next day. I thankfully had the foresight to make sure i had washed my drapes and put them up so i could block out most all light from the window, and had a 5 hour power nap. when i had awoken, i found it odd but comforting to wake up in my room, set up as if it was always that way. it was a long time coming, but i finally felt.. settled.. The finished product:

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