Saturday, February 21, 2009

My first blog!!!

So I have thrown my hat in the ring of lessening my privacy, broken down, and taken up blogging. There will be a lot of different things thrown into this blog. Things like having some of my tech projects thrown in here (which will be updated on my Twitter [] and Youtube accounts). As well, i will have things in much more detail on here. Some projects will be making a budget-built Home Theatre PC, a well-documented step by step "For Dummies" how-to on modifying an Original XBox Controller (S-Type) for USB to use on your Windows PC as a kick ass gamepad, how to create a low budget yet highly efficient wireless booster dish unlike most shown out there, et cetera et cetera.... As well i am open to suggestion... any other tech projects let me know. Another passion, cooking, will be covered in the blog. I will cover things like how to feed a crowd on a budget, as well as hot to make that special meal for two without breaking the bank and not making any big comrimises.
Enjoy all, and keep watching!!!

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