Saturday, February 21, 2009

random mutterings,_9/11_attacks_on_psychiatry?curid=121289
i saw this article and i was appauled by the stance the church of scientology has taken. i am getting sick and tired of this so-called church of blaming problems on things like psychiatry. they should start addressing then, the deaths they have cause by their practice of self-healing without drugs of any kind. it is starting to seem like its a tonne of snake oil they are trying to choke the masses with. i ask anyone who reads this to question things like this that masquerade as faith. i guess then it didnt matter that pearl harbour was a planned military strike by the Imperial Japanese Military. Or that 9/11 was an equally political attack. never mind that people lost their lives due to one cause or another, not what was written on a perscription pad for a psychiatrist or what drugs or treatment were administered. it's the same as saying that the order of execution never killed someone put to death, but the chemicals, hanging, or bullets. really people?!?!?!?!

My first blog!!!

So I have thrown my hat in the ring of lessening my privacy, broken down, and taken up blogging. There will be a lot of different things thrown into this blog. Things like having some of my tech projects thrown in here (which will be updated on my Twitter [] and Youtube accounts). As well, i will have things in much more detail on here. Some projects will be making a budget-built Home Theatre PC, a well-documented step by step "For Dummies" how-to on modifying an Original XBox Controller (S-Type) for USB to use on your Windows PC as a kick ass gamepad, how to create a low budget yet highly efficient wireless booster dish unlike most shown out there, et cetera et cetera.... As well i am open to suggestion... any other tech projects let me know. Another passion, cooking, will be covered in the blog. I will cover things like how to feed a crowd on a budget, as well as hot to make that special meal for two without breaking the bank and not making any big comrimises.
Enjoy all, and keep watching!!!